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MARITIMIA yacht fitted sheets
  • A trip in the Mediterranean, the sun is burning, the water is calling and the wind carries us into a beautiful bay. Getting up in the morning is easy because the day promises a good sailing wind. How did we sleep Just have a look at my video ...

  • mbs charter Test

    The fitted sheets for yachts from Maritimia have been tested on the beautiful island of Mallorca in a well-known yacht charter base. Not only the owners of the yachts were enthusiastic, the staff was also convinced of the ease of use. The managing director of MBS Charter said:

    The fit is ideal. There are so many different mattress shapes, but the Maritimia sheets adapt very well. We were particularly impressed by the large sheets that extend over both mattresses in the bow cabin. They fit perfectly! "

  • Yacht Canvas
    An elderly lady bought yacht fitted sheets for her bed at home from us. Now her feedback on the sheets came: "They are much easier to cover than my previous sheets. Even after being washed several times, the sheets remain supple and I really like to lie on them." Well, if that is not something? A good start into the new year with such a compliment to our designers, who found the right tension for the elastic, and our fabric suppliers. Thank you very much!
  • It is evening and the yacht is anchored in the beautiful bay with a small sandy beach in front of the beautiful mountain backdrop. From a distance you can still hear the tinkling of sheep and the crickets chirps. A bottle of red wine is uncorked outside and two are below deck in the pantry and sizzling something for the entire crew. There is a smell from the companionway and the wine is passed to the cooks to be extinguished. You toast and go back to the cooking gifts. You will have a good meal because you wear the Smutje apron" Jost van Dyke " by MARITIMIA. It will not only serve you well in such wonderful places but also take your cooking utensils in rough seas. A radio is then attached to the many loops. So the Smutje will notice the next turn and can prepare. The fastening straps, which have a loop so that they can be easily closed with half a flap, are not only chic but also practical. Of course, the Smutje Apron " Jost van Dyke " the port / starboard design by MARITIMIA. Good Appetite!

    Jost van Dyke Smutje Schürze

    Where does the name of our Smutje apron come from? On the Caribbean island of Jost van Dyke there is a huge grill in White Bay on which lobster and meat are grilled. The bay smells wonderful as soon as you enter. The cooks at the grill wear white aprons and serve everything delicious from the grill. The ambience is just great. I have dedicated our brief to this place.
  • Dacon

    Upcycling - you've heard that before, haven't you?

    Wikipedia says: "In upcycling, waste products or (apparently) useless substances are converted into new products. In contrast to downcycling, this form of recycling leads to material upgrading. The reuse of what is already there Material reduces the use of raw materials. "

    What does upcycling mean for the manufacture of products from canvas?

    Sails are usually made of polyester fibers that are bonded together with resin. Due to the sun's rays and the tensile forces that arise when the wind acts, sails lose their shape and stability. A sail that is no longer well positioned no longer converts wind power into propulsion, but rather into heeling, the speed of the boat decreases. It must be replaced now at the latest. The old sails are usually disposed of and land in the garbage. In the upcycling process, however, beautiful new products are made from worn sails.
    The old sails are washed first. Then patterns of bags or jackets and many other beautiful products such as chair covers are put on. Even the smallest residue becomes a pillowcase. The cutting patterns are drawn on the sail and cut out. The new products are created from these pieces of the sail. Of course, these are sewn in the sailmaker's stitch and retain their original components necessary for sailing, such as stag riders, riders, clews and liqueurs. This is what makes the new products so distinctive and sporty at the same time.

  • Segel Gaffel Spinnaker

    Our shop offers the possibility to work with filters. How does this work for upcycling products?

    Choose from our categories e.g. "Bags, suitcases, trolleys" are displayed for various products made of sailcloth such as Dacron. If you only want to see products that have been manufactured using the upcycling process, select "Upsycling sails" under the term "Material" on the left side of the screen or on your smartphone at the bottom of the page. Now only products are displayed that have been manufactured using the upcycling process.
    Under the menu item "Manufacturer" you will find products from "SailArt Fashion". All of these products are unique and they have been made from sails in an upcycling process.
  • Dacron Segeltuch

    Dacron is a registered trademark for a specific type of fabric used in woven sailcloth. It consists of tightly woven polyester fibers , which are fixed with resin, tempered and sealed with a coating. This creates a fabric with very high tear resistance , abrasion resistance and dimensional stability as well as excellent UV and weather resistance . The fibers do not absorb moisture, which means that the fabric does not stretch and dries extremely quickly . Due to the construction and equipment, the fabric has the firm, slightly board-like grip typical of Dacron and is completely windproof , but not waterproof, but water-repellent .

    Dacron is produced in many designs. The Dacron canvas used in the bags offered here is very firm and hardly looks the same a colloquial material. Rather, it is very dimensionally stable and robust . It is therefore not only suitable for chic bags that keep their shape even when they are heavily loaded, but of course also for sails that want to sail the oceans.

  • Non-Slip

    What does non-slip mean?

    Glasses with a non-slip ring on the underside do not slip when the ship moves slightly. What does that mean? A sailing boat in motion or a boat at anchor usually makes quite smooth movements and does not heel much. A non-slip glass is sufficient for this. Does it go out to sea or lay down at wind force 7 the motorboat driver with some wave the lever on the table, no glass is safe anymore, not even one with a magnetic base.

    In the morning the boat sets off in the first warm rays of sunshine and it goes out to sea with a light breeze and moderate waves. We have breakfast and let us have one Pot of coffee tastes good, the ladies have their first sparkling wine in their hands and the children drink orange juice. A greeting motorboat driver rushes by and sends us its stern wave. Thanks to the non-slip glasses, everything stays on the table.

  • 360 Grad Taschenagentur Kramer

    The bag agency Kramer, also known as 360 °, makes high quality products from recycled sails. This protects the environment and gives the bags and accessories a very special look. Every bag has a certificate of origin. So you know straight away that they are already e.g. was tested in the Volvo Ocean Race. These great products are now available from MARITIMIA.

    In the main menu under manufacturer, select "360 Grad Taschenagentur Kramer". Our shop then presents you the beautiful canvas products.
  • You are the proud owner of a boat or a yacht and like to celebrate the maritime lifestyle. Then you've come to the right place at MARITIMIA. We supply you with products from Marine Business. Tritan, polycarbonate or MS glasses are almost indestructible and can hardly be distinguished from glass. The crockery parts are made of melamine and can withstand a fall from the table. The particularly maritime style gives the dishes exactly the look you want on board. Let yourself be inspired ....

  • Celebrating life on board on a yacht is one of the most beautiful experiences at sea. If it weren't for the movements of the water that make the boat roll easily and the beautiful sundowner has fallen over. Thanks to Silwy glasses and the nano-gel-metal pads , this is no longer an issue today. And best of all - it also works in the motorhome when camping and when drinking coffee with the porcelain cups.

  • Melamin

    Use melamine correctly

    Justus von Liebig was the first to produce melamine from potassium thiocyanate and ammonium chloride as early as 1834. Commercial production began in 1930 and increased many times over every year.
    Melamine resins are often used in yacht, camping and children's dishes due to their break resistance. However, melamine also has health risks if used incorrectly for a long time. Please therefore note:

    • Do not heat melamine above 70 ° Celsius . This is easy to ensure. You can put hot food and drinks in melamine dishes. Even boiling water cools down very quickly to 70 ° and below when it is poured. But: do not heat the food in melamine dishes.
    • Do not heat up food in melamine dishes in the microwave . Be particularly careful not to heat tea or coffee in a melamine cup in the microwave. Some manufacturers state that melamine can be heated in the microwave for up to 90 seconds. The manufacturer assumes that the microwave does not manage to heat a full mug to over 70 ° Celsius within 90 seconds. We therefore recommend not using melamine dishes in the microwave. Especially not if the food is acidic.
    • If you should break a melamine crockery item, make sure that no splinters remain when you dispose of it. Melamine is very break-proof. Should it break, the melamine fractions are sharp-edged.

    If the points mentioned above are observed, melamine tableware can be used on a daily basis.

  • Smooth Sail 20 so that it always slips

    "I got to know Smooth Sail 20 at the Brit Mothies. Smooth Sail 20 is best used for the mast, the inside of the sail mast pocket and for the camber, which optimizes the profile of the wide mast pocket. Everything slips, the way it should be. I also regularly spray very roughly into the “gears” of my moth, whether blocks, bulkheads, thimbles (aluminum thimbles) and everything then runs noticeably more smoothly, as originally designed ... "
    "Which lubricants or marine sprays does a moth sailor trust ... So it always slips" - quote from Segelreporter from April 12, 2017 by Andreas John

    The product "Smooth Sail 20", which was tested in the magazine Palstek, is now being distributed by MARITIMIA in German-speaking countries.
    MARITIMIA takes over the distribution and offers "Smooth Sail 20" a> as a sales partner of "Smooth Products UK" in Germany.

    The high-quality lubricant "Smooth Sail 20" was tested in the bowline 06/2015 and found to be very good and practical. The areas of application are diverse. It is suitable for all shackles, hinges, blocks, pulleys, clamps and zippers . It prevents sails from sticking together , repels dirt and prevents crust formation from salt water. Thanks to its environmental compatibility and incombustibility , it can be used anywhere on board, including below deck.