Glasses mug stable

MARITIMIA equipment stable glasses

No more glasses and coffee mugs falling, sliding or rattling

Thanks to a sophisticated magnet system, these Silwy glasses hold on to any moving surface on board or when caravanning.

Sun, sea and cool drinks. With silwy, the next trip on the high seas will be even more relaxed. So everyone can enjoy their favorite drink made of the finest crystal glass or shatterproof polycarbonate even on board when the waves are rough. In addition, there are completely new stowage solutions with an eye-catching guarantee, whether upside down on the wall or on the ceiling.

Real crystal glasses and swell are usually not a good combination. But the silwy magnetic glass cannot shake even the strongest wave. On the non-slip nano metal gel pads, the glass does not wobble thanks to its elegantly integrated magnets, even on lively boat trips. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use the polycarbonate glasses, which look almost like real crystal glass. With silwy you can now enjoy your wine, beer or cocktails made from the finest crystal glasses or shatterproof polycarbonate.

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