Heavy duty multifunction sports travel bag 50L splash-proof C4S Navyline
Extremely hard-wearing, splash-proof travel bag made of Haavy-Duty material with shoulder and shoulder strap by Creazy4Sailing a brand of Navyline GmbH - volume 50 liters

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EAN: 4251088500982

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This travel bag is made of solid, waterproof, heavy-duty material. A large interior and three additional compartments secured with zippers outside and inside ensure order. The travel bag has stowable, very well padded shoulder straps . There are additional handles at the head ends .

  • Material: Polychloride (PVC) - waterproof heavy-duty material
  • Zippers on the compartments (splash-proof)
  • Carrying loops and padded shoulder straps
  • ideal for water sports, sailing, boating and outdoors
  • Size: 50 liters (60x35x35cm)

Shipping weight: 1,50 Kg
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This article consists of:
  • 100% polypropylene

Advantages of polypropylene

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