How is melamine used correctly?


Use melamine correctly

Justus von Liebig was the first to produce melamine from potassium thiocyanate and ammonium chloride as early as 1834. Commercial production began in 1930 and increased many times over every year.
Melamine resins are often used in yacht, camping and children's dishes due to their break resistance. However, melamine also has health risks if used incorrectly for a long time. Please therefore note:

  • Do not heat melamine above 70 ° Celsius . This is easy to ensure. You can put hot food and drinks in melamine dishes. Even boiling water cools down very quickly to 70 ° and below when it is poured. But: do not heat the food in melamine dishes.
  • Do not heat up food in melamine dishes in the microwave . Be particularly careful not to heat tea or coffee in a melamine cup in the microwave. Some manufacturers state that melamine can be heated in the microwave for up to 90 seconds. The manufacturer assumes that the microwave does not manage to heat a full mug to over 70 ° Celsius within 90 seconds. We therefore recommend not using melamine dishes in the microwave. Especially not if the food is acidic.
  • If you should break a melamine crockery item, make sure that no splinters remain when you dispose of it. Melamine is very break-proof. Should it break, the melamine fractions are sharp-edged.

If the points mentioned above are observed, melamine tableware can be used on a daily basis.