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Hahnepot Skipperbags e.K.

The idea of NO FISH to make unique bags was born in 2001. To make bags that have a soul, that tell a story about the love of sailing. Bags made from materials with signs of wear, creases and distinctive stitching, none of which are alike. Bags of coincidences and uniqueness. Unique like every person who wears them. Colourful, full of life and always something different and special.
The founder Stefan Junge was infected with the “sailing virus” at a young age. He loved the North and Baltic Seas and our beautiful inland lakes. But the Mediterranean is particularly close to his heart. The Greek Aegean, the resinous retsina, the freshly grilled fish with lemon and white bread.
With the founding of "Hahnepot Skipperbags" in 1987, he combined his profession with a passion for sailing. This is where the idea of designing maritime bags from used canvas was born. This project was implemented in 2001 and the NO FISH brand was launched. Since then, more and more people have been enthusiastic about his bags.
The purchased, used sailcloths are washed, cut with templates and designed with great attention to detail. BoFish plays with different materials, discovering new combinations and creations. Always associated with the longing for distant seas, sun and boundless freedom. Randomness always makes a strong design. After the cut and design, the individual parts are skillfully put together in the sewing room with the typical zigzag seam. This is where the bags get their finishing touches and are returned to the final inspection table as a finished NO FISH bag.

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