Northwind harness

Melamine by Marine Business is unbreakable and very light . The dishes can be used on board every day and are always a feast for the eyes . The Northwind design is available in round and square shapes. All crockery items are built so that they can be stacked easily. The round plates, bowls and cups have a non-slip ring so that the dishes stay on the table even when they are on the table. Glasses, cutlery and place mats in the Northwind design are also available.
Northwind 01 Northwind 02
Marine Business produces very high quality products around the yachting. The melamine collections in particular, such as "Northwind", are the ideal boat crockery , suitable for camping and as an eye-catcher in the garden shed. It's practical and classy at the same time. As is well known, the eye also eats and so these dishes are a feast for the eyes on every set table.
Bon appetit!
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