It is evening and the yacht is anchored in the beautiful bay with a small sandy beach in front of the beautiful mountain backdrop. From a distance you can still hear the tinkling of sheep and the crickets chirps. A bottle of red wine is uncorked outside and two are below deck in the pantry and sizzling something for the entire crew. There is a smell from the companionway and the wine is passed to the cooks to be extinguished. You toast and go back to the cooking gifts. You will have a good meal because you wear the Smutje apron" Jost van Dyke " by MARITIMIA. It will not only serve you well in such wonderful places but also take your cooking utensils in rough seas. A radio is then attached to the many loops. So the Smutje will notice the next turn and can prepare. The fastening straps, which have a loop so that they can be easily closed with half a flap, are not only chic but also practical. Of course, the Smutje Apron " Jost van Dyke " the port / starboard design by MARITIMIA. Good Appetite!

Jost van Dyke Smutje Schürze

Where does the name of our Smutje apron come from? On the Caribbean island of Jost van Dyke there is a huge grill in White Bay on which lobster and meat are grilled. The bay smells wonderful as soon as you enter. The cooks at the grill wear white aprons and serve everything delicious from the grill. The ambience is just great. I have dedicated our brief to this place.