Smooth Sail 20 so that it always slips

"I got to know Smooth Sail 20 at the Brit Mothies. Smooth Sail 20 is best used for the mast, the inside of the sail mast pocket and for the camber, which optimizes the profile of the wide mast pocket. Everything slips, the way it should be. I also regularly spray very roughly into the “gears” of my moth, whether blocks, bulkheads, thimbles (aluminum thimbles) and everything then runs noticeably more smoothly, as originally designed ... "
"Which lubricants or marine sprays does a moth sailor trust ... So it always slips" - quote from Segelreporter from April 12, 2017 by Andreas John

The product "Smooth Sail 20", which was tested in the magazine Palstek, is now being distributed by MARITIMIA in German-speaking countries.
MARITIMIA takes over the distribution and offers "Smooth Sail 20" a> as a sales partner of "Smooth Products UK" in Germany.

The high-quality lubricant "Smooth Sail 20" was tested in the bowline 06/2015 and found to be very good and practical. The areas of application are diverse. It is suitable for all shackles, hinges, blocks, pulleys, clamps and zippers . It prevents sails from sticking together , repels dirt and prevents crust formation from salt water. Thanks to its environmental compatibility and incombustibility , it can be used anywhere on board, including below deck.