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The Venezia collection of nautical melamine plates is a colorful collection made from virtually unbreakable, high quality melamine. The nautical design with red makes this a nautical tableware with an informal touch. Melamine is an extremely hard and light material, perfect for life on board or for use on decks or gardens where broken glass is a hazard.

Marine Business melamine meets all legal health requirements and has a quality certificate. All of these melamine dishes can be washed in the dishwasher. The Venezia melamine bowls have a non-slip base, making them very useful for navigation and storage in Schaps. You can find the anti-slip ring on the flat plate, the soup plate, the dessert plate and the mug. To complete the tableware, we also offer a salad bowl, an aperitif set, serving platters, trays, etc. to ensure you have a well-coordinated table on board. You can combine this melamine tableware for your boat with all Marine Business unbreakable glasses.

The unbreakable glasses and flutes of the Blue line go particularly well. These plastic cheese makers are made from the newest material on the market: ECOZEN. ECOZEN is the most expensive material because it has the best properties: It is extremely hard, almost unbreakable, can be put in the dishwasher and is also suitable for the microwave. And best of all: it looks like crystal!

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Marine Business produces very high-quality products related to yachting. The melamine collections in particular, such as "Venezia" are the ideal boat dishes and are also suitable for your camping equipment. It's practical and classy at the same time. As is well known, the eye eats with you and so this crockery is a feast for the eyes on every laid table.
Bon appetit!

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