What is Dacron canvas?

Dacron Segeltuch

Dacron is a registered trademark for a specific type of fabric used in woven sailcloth. It consists of tightly woven polyester fibers , which are fixed with resin, tempered and sealed with a coating. This creates a fabric with very high tear resistance , abrasion resistance and dimensional stability as well as excellent UV and weather resistance . The fibers do not absorb moisture, which means that the fabric does not stretch and dries extremely quickly . Due to the construction and equipment, the fabric has the firm, slightly board-like grip typical of Dacron and is completely windproof , but not waterproof, but water-repellent .

Dacron is produced in many designs. The Dacron canvas used in the bags offered here is very firm and hardly looks the same a colloquial material. Rather, it is very dimensionally stable and robust . It is therefore not only suitable for chic bags that keep their shape even when they are heavily loaded, but of course also for sails that want to sail the oceans.