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internet on board

Why internet on board?

More and more boaters want to have access to the internet on the water. Marinas and harbors, as well as a large number of cafes, hotels, restaurants and service providers, offer WiFi connectivity, but you may not be able to get this important connection when you are at anchor or away from the dock. Having internet access on the water is a real asset to boating.


As well as keeping up with news and email, you can also use the latest entertainment services such as Netflix and Spotify to keep you up to date with TV and media. They also allow you to download the latest weather information. Free GRIB files are available for integration into PC navigation programs, providing animated weather forecasts with information on wind, sea state, air pressure and temperature.


The onboard internet connection can also help keep children and family entertained on long journeys. The ability to stream their favorite movies or TV shows via numerous entertainment platforms can make long journeys even more entertaining.

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