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tableware Pacific

Melamine by Marine Business is unbreakable and very light . The crockery can be used every day on board, when camping or in the garden and is always chic and good-looking . With the "Pacific" design you are in the middle of the ocean and the indicated compass rose always points in the direction of Treasure Island. The so intenisve maritime charm gives the dishes a very special noble elegance . All crockery items are shaped so that they can be easily stacked . Glasses and cutlery are also available.
Pacific 01
Marine Business produces very high quality products related to yachting. In particular, the melamine collections such as "Pacific" are ideal boat dishes . The "Pacific" series is also particularly suitable for your camper van. It's practical and classy at the same time. As is well known, the eye also eats and so these dishes are a feast for the eyes on every table.
Enjoy your meal!

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